Global Homeopathy Centre Sdn Bhd is built  on love and homeopathy foundation in creating and inspiring well being of people. We are here to give you the best inner vision of your creating good well being holistically from body, mind and spirit.

We do not create fear of negative impression illness which only bring out the worst of who is going discomfort in their body and mind system. We help to re-balance your inner vibes and awareness how to understand your body and mind works. Our Primary method is Homeopathic Consultation and treatment through Self Love Coaching and Consulting.

Why both?

The body is the mind. Our homeopathy medicine and self love coaching/consulting works hand in hand in boosting the body into positive and healing of whatever one is going through.

We encourage people in giving love to self so you are empowered to know how to care for your body. We do not encourage continuation to believe that you are ill for life if you have illness that is for life care. We help you to aware your inner potential to reverse your own problem with your inner power that is is existed.


To be a healthcare destination where high-end technology and medical expertise blend with compassionate and personalized care, to meet the health needs of all our patients whose care is our primary purpose and mission.


It is our aspiration and commitment to place our values in everything we do, deliver the best outcomes everyday while encouraging a positive, healing environment and patient – focused culture.

Who We Are

Dr. Avanish Shukla


Dr. Avanish Shukla is a highly competent and professional homeopathic practitioner who has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Homeopathic Medicines and Management.

He graduated from Bharati Vidaya Peeth Deemed University, Pune, India and is currently the Director of Global Homeopathic Centre, Malaysia and also a lecturer at Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences and Lincoln University College, Malaysia.

To further develop his expertise in the field, Dr. Avanish obtains his professional recognitions as a registered medical practitioner (H 27375) under the Central Council of Homeopathy New Delhi, India, qualified homeopathic practitioner under Ministry of Health – T&CM with Majlis Perubatan Homeopathy Malaysia, member of Majlis Perubatan Homeopathy Malaysia, Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support from Symbiosis Institute for Health Sciences in conjunction with American Heart Association.

Karamjeet Kaur


Karamjeet Kaur, MBA, (PhD), Author, certified trainer, self-love specialist coach, consultant, and director of Global Homeopathic Centre Sdn Bhd (GHC) and Global Homeopathic Resources Sdn Bhd (GHR).


Karamjeet has a background of over 20 years experience working in local and multinational organizations including RHB, HSBC and ESPN Star Sports. Karamjeet is currently pursuing her PhD (Management) on Self Love.


Karamjeet has been involved with social work since 2004. She owns Wellness Centre with Dr Avanish Shukla (BHMS, MBA, PHD) where GHC provides self-love, homeopathy and other holistic treatments.


Karamjeet focuses only on self-love empowerment, motivation self help and belief thought patterns. She has been coaching and consulting patients and clients from all walks of life. She works with her business partner Dr Avanish Shukla on creating wellness awareness of self love with patients at GHC.


She is conducting free talks to teenagers and women on self love for NGOs and Secondary Schools. Her new book titled “Truly Love Me”, was published in 2016 under Balboa Press, Hay House Division, USA.. “Truly Love Me” is about Karamjeet’s true story,  understanding self-love and how it works in making life fabulous.

Karamjeet has begun writing on her second book titled “Life is a Gift – Self Love Journey”, third book,  “Abundance Maker” and fourth book “Daily Calendar – Daily Self Love Inspiration Calendar”.

Her aim is all about waking-up Self Love in Humanity around the world. Karamjeet writes for few international online magazines websites and co-hosts an online radio show on Empowering True Inner Self with Body Mind Radio, Michigan USA.


Dr A.P Shukla


Dr Ayodhya Prasad Shukla as visiting senior consultant homeopath and also appointed as on advisory board of GHC.

He Visits GHC frequently as per his schedules of patients and advisory board meetings. He is also actively involves GHC’s on-line panel physicians group for homeopathic expertise. Dr Ayodhya Prasad is very industrious and experienced homeopathic consultant. His profound experience and knowledge gives him lots of respect among patients in Malaysia and India.


GHC is attached with many social and private centers