Global Homeopathy Centre Sdn Bhd is built  on love and homeopathy foundation in creating and inspiring well being of people. We are here to give you the best inner vision of your creating good well being holistically from body, mind and spirit.

We do not create fear of negative impression illness which only bring out the worst of who is going discomfort in their body and mind system. We help to rebalance your inner vibes and awareness how to understand your body and mind works. Our Primary method is Homeopathy Consulting and treatment with Self Love Coaching and Consulting. Why both? The body is the mind. Our homeopathy medicine and self love coaching/consulting works hand in hand in boosting the body into positive and healing of whatever one is going thru.

We encourage people in giving love to self so you are empowered to know how to care your body. We do not encouraging continuation to believe that you are ill for life if you have illness that is for life care. We help you to aware your inner potential to reverse your own problem with your inner power that is is existed.


• Homeopathic consultation & treatment

• Treatment for special need children

• Health check up

• coaching and training on homeopathic and self-empowerment programs

• Stress management through  self-love empowerment

• Clinical Attachment with CUCMS & LUC

• Research activities

• Community services

• Inner balance

• Wellness programs


• Specialized in our area with world class treatment and quality healthcare services

• Self – love coaching

• We care patient now and after the treatment too

• Cost effective

• Proposed Paperless Eco-friendly premises

• 24×7 support system

• Specialized panel for  specialty cases

Contact Us

Global Homeopathy Centre

14, Jalan Usj 11/3j Usj 11, Subang Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03 – 8011 1550 h/p: 019 – 359 2307


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